Product Specifications

AI Cleaning Robot

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Simple •  Efficient  •  Easy to use
Changing professional cleaning with breakthrough AI Navigation Technology

Easy set-up, easy use
  • Teach cleaning route manually to save a route
  • Moves autonomously along the cleaning path
  • Capable of memorising several routes
  • Smart AI cleaning
  • On-board BrainOS determines the best route
  • Detects obstacles, stairs and human movement
  • Access and clean narrow spaces, even wall edges
  • Outstanding cleaning efficiency
  • Continuous operation up to three hours
  • Coverage up to 1,500m2
  • Use extra batteries to clean even larger areas
  • Simple controls
  • Check status via smartphone or PC
  • Receive alerts of emergency stops or blocked units
  • Control multiple units
  • Technical
    No technical knowledge required
    Flexible financing options
    Advertising & marketing promotions
    Fast rerouting navigation
    Your AI

    Overall dimension (handle recessed) 45.5 cm X 47.4 cm X 65.3 cm
    Net weight (excluding battery) 30 kg
    Coverage 500m2/hour
    Speed 1.8 km/h max.
    Battery 5kg lithium ion; 23.7 Ah, 25.2V
    Battery charger capacity 100-240V AC
    Continous operation Able to operate 24 hours a day, thanks to the battery swapping feature
    Charging time 4 hours
    Cleaning capacity 4.0L (paper bag)
    Safety Features Obstacle detection, fall prevention (LIDAR sensor, 3D camera), impact detection (sensor-installed bumper), anomaly detection (Cliff sensors, wheel contact sensors, emergency brake function)


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